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Requirements clarification

I missed the kick off event last night, and my partner was there but I was still hoping to get clarification on what is required.
I heard we should use the sprite kit and/or uikit dynamics apis? Is that required, to use one (or both) of those?

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  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Yes, that is correct. You should use PHYSICS in your app which must be through either the use of SpriteKit or UIKit Dynamics. We have a TechTalk on SpriteKit planned for tomorrow evening, although it's mostly geared towards games. You can still use it for other apps though. UIKit Dynamics allows you to apply physics effects to elements in your UI so you can do things like how the camera button on the home screen is "springy."

    The use of physics should be integral to the app rather than just throwing something on an About screen or something. You can still make just about any app that you want but you should use physics to enhance the user experience, even if it's subtle.

    Come by and see us during office hours to chat more about it.

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