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Announcing the winners

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of RIT iOS App Challenge 2014.

View all the winners in the Gallery.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the challenge a great success!

The RIT iOS App Challenge 2014 team

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Less than an hour to go!

Less than an hour to go before the submission deadline -- 11:59pm.  Don't wait until the very last minute!

Submit your entire project including all source files to http://ritios.challengepost.com.

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Sign up for practice presentation now

Registration for practice presentations is now live.  We recommend that you come by and test your app on the projector and actual device that we'll be using for the demo live so you don't run into any issues.

If you can't make any of these time slots, e-mail us and we can try to find a time to meet with you.

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Deadline tonight; come hang out in Golisano for extended hours and football

Just a reminder that the submission deadline is TONIGHT at 11:59pm.  Don't wait until the last minute to submit on ChallengePost.  Please zip up your entire folder including all source and header files so we can compile your code.  In the "Built With" field, please specify either iPod or iPad so we know which device to pre-load it on for you.

We'll be hanging out outside of the SSE lab again tonight from 5pm until the submission deadline.  We strongly recommend that you bring your team and come code in Golisano.  There's plenty of tables in the hallway and there…

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iOS 7 Tech Talk on SpriteKit and iBeacon tonight; cookies after

Just a reminder that our Tech Talk on SpriteKit and iBeacon is tonight at 7:30pm in Golisano 2400.  If you're considering using either in your app, you should definitely come by.  We'll provide a whirl-wind tour lasting about 90 minutes to show you some of the API.

Later tonight, we'll also be providing fresh baked cookies outside the SSE lab.  Come by around 9:30pm for cookies.

The candy, drinks, and chips table is also fully stocked if you're thirsty or want some snacks.  And our Apple engineers are eager to answer your tech questions!

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Pizza is here!

I have LOTS of pizza from Mark's.  Come by and eat!  Right outside the SSE lab in Golisano.

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Pizza is coming! Snacks are here!

As promised, we'll be feeding you guys too.  I just ordered a BUNCH of pizza from Mark's Pizza and it should be here around 8pm.

We also have tons of junk food -- cookies, candy, chips, and soda -- right in front of the Apple table outside the SSE lab.  Come by and enjoy.  :-)

Note: Food is for participants in the iOS App Challenge only.

We'll be here until 11pm tonight.

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Kick-off tonight!

Just a reminder that the kick-off for the iOS App Challenge is tonight at 8:30pm in Golisano 1400. We'll review the rules, submission guidelines, and reveal the secret API. Please try to have at least one of your teammates present, if possible. There will also be a team forming session if you're still looking for a team. 

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Beginner's iOS Workshop Tonight

Just a reminder that the beginner's iOS Workshop is tonight, Tuesday Jan 28th.  We're starting around 6:30pm in Golisano 1400.  No worries if you haven't RSVPed yet...just show up with your MacBook with Xcode 5 installed.

We’ll probably still have a few hours of material to cover after tonight but if you want to attend, you should start with tonight's session.  You'll be building an app from scratch with us.  On Wednesday night, following shortly after the kick-off for the iOS App Challenge (roughly 9:30pm), we’ll continue with the rest of the workshop.

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Just a few more days!

In just a few days, the engineers from Apple will be leaving the comfort of 75 degree temperatures to join you in Rochester.  We have a really exciting week planned for you.

iOS Beginner's Workshop

On Tuesday at 6:30pm, join us for an optional beginner's workshop on iOS in Golisano 1400.  This is a hands-on class covering the basics of Objective-C and iOS dev.  E-mail rit@apple.com to sign-up and for more details.

Kick-Off Presentation

Wednesday, at 8:30pm in Golisano 1400, we'll officially kick off the competition.  Join us for a recap of the rules as well as the revealing of…

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How judging is going to work

Some folks have asked how judging is going to work this time around.  The first (MacBook Air) and second place (iPad Air) prizes will be selected by a judging panel of RIT faculty and staff, based on your final presentation.

We'll also have an audience choice award of an iPad mini.  We're working on ways to make sure there is no cheating for the audience choice too so it will be important that you tell all of your friends to come cheer you on.

We hope that this combination of a judging panel and audience choice will make the selection…

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Announcing Objective-C Workshop

We're only a few weeks away from the beginning of the iOS App Challenge at RIT so watch for more updates like this.

New this year is that Apple will be providing an Introduction to Objective-C workshop the day prior to the start of the competition.  We're still working on a room but expect it to be in the evening of Tuesday, January 28th.  We'll cover the basics of the Objective-C language, review OOP concepts, and build a photo viewer app.  This is a hands-on class so be sure to have a laptop with Xcode 5 pre-installed.  No need to…

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Starter Kit

Welcome to the RIT iOS App Challenge!

You are now confirmed as a participant. We will be revealing more details at the kick-off event and training sessions, but this event challenges you to learn Objective-C if you don't already know it or to hone your skills if you've used it before.

Sign up as a developer

Please sign up as a developer at https://developer.apple.com. You can register for free to get basic access to the documentation. You only need to pay the $99 fee if you want to ultimately publish your app to the App Store. In the next…

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