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almost 7 years ago

Just a few more days!

In just a few days, the engineers from Apple will be leaving the comfort of 75 degree temperatures to join you in Rochester.  We have a really exciting week planned for you.

iOS Beginner's Workshop

On Tuesday at 6:30pm, join us for an optional beginner's workshop on iOS in Golisano 1400.  This is a hands-on class covering the basics of Objective-C and iOS dev.  E-mail to sign-up and for more details.

Kick-Off Presentation

Wednesday, at 8:30pm in Golisano 1400, we'll officially kick off the competition.  Join us for a recap of the rules as well as the revealing of the secret API that you must include in your app.  If you're still looking for a team, you'll be able to match up after the kick-off presentation.

Office Hours

Each night from 5pm to 11pm, we'll have office hours in the hallway outside of the SSE lab in GCCIS.  Come by and ask us questions or just hang out.  We'll also have iPod touches and iPads to borrow if you need.

E-mail any questions to