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almost 7 years ago

Deadline tonight; come hang out in Golisano for extended hours and football

Just a reminder that the submission deadline is TONIGHT at 11:59pm.  Don't wait until the last minute to submit on ChallengePost.  Please zip up your entire folder including all source and header files so we can compile your code.  In the "Built With" field, please specify either iPod or iPad so we know which device to pre-load it on for you.

We'll be hanging out outside of the SSE lab again tonight from 5pm until the submission deadline.  We strongly recommend that you bring your team and come code in Golisano.  There's plenty of tables in the hallway and there are team rooms that you can use too.  The SSE will also be showing the SuperBowl in one of the classrooms if you want to code while watching football.  We will have plenty of snacks too.